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All Vitaject Home Injection Kits include the required telehealth consultation with a member of our medical team. Once you are approved, your home kit is ordered from the pharmacy, shipped out, and delivered to your door. Most of our Home Injection Kits last 90 days. If for any reason you are not approved due to medical issues, you will be refunded.

Want to feel energized, clear your mind, and build a strong immune system? More and more scientific research is emphasizing the importance of vitamins for our body’s optimal performance. Vitamin deficiencies are common in most modern populations, especially in our busy lives, but we’ve got the solution: Home vitamin injection kits put the vitamins you need directly into your body, allowing them to be absorbed 100% – quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Vitaject is the leading provider of safe, easy-to-use home injection kits. We teach you how to administer your own vitamin shots that help boost your energy levels, build a naturally strong immune system and, overall, promote holistic optimal health and wellness. Having been in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years, we are passionate about solutions for naturally healthy skin, virus resistance, and longevity for all. Try Vitaject and feel the difference.

We prescribe Vitamin Injection Kits

Customer Reviews

Kayla Kayla

I recommend the B12 injections! They provide a perfect energy boost with no caffeine type jitters. This is a much more healthy alternative than the energy drinks on the market.

Sharon Sharon

I started using Skin Glow about six months ago and have seen a noticeable improvement in the crinkles around my eyes and the horizontal lines on my forehead. My husband also commented recently that my skin looks like it has a glow to it! Yay!

Adrianna Adrianna

My doctor recommended I take a B-complex supplement to help with my mood and sluggish metabolism. She said it would also help with my other 'peri-menopause' symptoms. I decided against vitamin supplements because I have a sensitive stomach. Within the first 2-3 weeks of doing the injections, I started feeling much better and more energized to start my evening walks after work.

Jack Jack

I friend convinced me that vitamin injections was the way to go. I was skeptical at first and not too keen on the idea of doing injections but they are quick and easy. I feel my work out recoveries are so much quicker and my stamina is better. I recommend everyone to give this a try - you won't regret it.

Donna Donna

At first I was a little nervous this wasn’t going to go through. Once I figured out what I had to do to redeem this, the process was so simple and smooth. I scheduled my appointment, spoke with the Dr, then received my order in just a couple of weeks. The package has everything needed with very clear instructions. If I hadn’t known how to give myself the shots, the instructions make it simple.

Alma Alma

Very helpful and quick response. Kind & courteous and readily available to answer all my questions. Thank you!

Debbie Debbie

I'm really happy so far! Took my first skinny shot and I've been sticking to my eating plan much easier as I don't feel as hungry!

Sandy Sandy

I was doing B12 shots at my doctor's office for $30 a shot. This is saving me a boat load of money (only about $8 shot this way). Bought Super B12 which is stronger so I actually can do less with great results AND no more hassle of going to the doctor. Took awhile to get my order but they were very helpful and kept me updated. Good experience and will purchase more.

Kimberly Kimberly

Great service - met with a PA who reviewed my needs and offered follow up support if needed. Also pricing for 3 month supply is in line with others.

Susan Susan

I absolutely love y’all service and just wanted to tell y’all thank you


    Browse our home kit selections below for one that suits your needs. Whether its Vitamin D for an immune boost; NAD+ for better sleep, energy boost, detox, improved memory and focus; or Glutathione to make your skin glow, we have something for a better you!


    Learn exactly how to safely and easily self-administer vitamins via injections and fill out all the required patient intake forms that you need to schedule a consultation appointment with a medical professional. They will review your medical history and your health goals to approve your prescribed vitamin injection home kit. Check out our Get Started page for more info.

    Anyone not approved for health reasons will be refunded.


    We make sure your vitamin injection home kit is shipped directly to you. The compounding pharmacy will fill your prescription order and ship it to your front door for safe, convenient, and effective use of home vitamin injection kits. Build a better immune system, glowing skin, no more vitamin deficiencies, brain fog, or lagging energy levels.


    The magic of vitamins and minerals are essential for keeping our bodies running like a well-oiled machine. These nutrients play important roles in all bodily functions such as brain health, metabolism, digestion, and a healthy immune system. There are 13 essential vitamins, including B vitamins, A, C, D, E, and K. The best way to meet your vitamin needs is through a balanced diet containing a variety of foods. In today’s fast paced, hectic world, eating on the go is the norm for many. Vitamin injections can help supply your body with the necessary vitamins it needs to run at an optimal level. Create some magic and refuel today with home vitamin injection kits. You will love us for it!

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