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Vitamin & Weight Loss Injections

Want to feel energized, clear your mind, and build a strong immune system, lose weight? More and more scientific research is emphasizing the importance of vitamins for our body’s optimal performance. Vitamin deficiencies are common in most modern populations, especially in our busy lives, but we’ve got the solution: Home vitamin injection kits put the vitamins you need directly into your body, allowing them to be absorbed 100% – quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Vitaject Direct is the leading provider of safe, easy-to-use home injection kits. We teach you how to administer your own vitamin shots that help boost your energy levels, build a naturally strong immune system and, overall, promote holistic optimal health and wellness. Having been in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years, we are passionate about solutions for naturally healthy skin, virus resistance, and longevity for all.

We prescribe Vitamin Injection Kits

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Vitaject Direct is a medical service provider specializing in vitamin and weight loss injection kits only prescribed and approved by our supervising physician, Dr. Todd Christensen, before being submitted to the compounding pharmacy. We partner with 503B pharmacies, FDA approved facilities that are strictly regulated to ensure the highest level of quality and sterility of medications. Each prescription order submitted undergoes a second vetting process scrutinized by licensed pharmacists during the pharmacy’s order fulfillment process.

Vitaject Direct’s supervising physician, Dr. Todd W. Christensen, is an Emergency Medicine specialist in Henderson, Nevada. He attended and graduated from Medical University Of South Carolina College Of Medicine in 1990, with 33+ years of diverse experience, especially in Emergency Medicine.

All Vitaject Home Injection Kits require a telehealth consultation with a member of our qualified medical team. Once you are approved, your prescription order is submitted to the pharmacy to fulfill, shipped out, and delivered to your door.

If for any reason you are not approved due, you will be refunded.


Browse our home kit selections below for one that suits your needs. Whether its Vitamin D for an immune boost; NAD+ for better sleep, energy boost, detox, improved memory and focus; or Glutathione to make your skin glow, we have something for a better you!


Learn exactly how to safely and easily self-administer vitamins via injections and fill out all the required patient intake forms that you need to schedule a consultation appointment with a medical professional. They will review your medical history and your health goals to approve your prescribed weight loss or vitamin injection home kit. Check out our Get Started page for more info.

Anyone not approved for health reasons will be refunded.


We make sure your vitamin injection home kit is shipped directly to you. The compounding pharmacy will fill your prescription order and ship it to your front door for safe, convenient, and effective use of home vitamin injection kits. Build a better immune system, glowing skin, no more vitamin deficiencies, brain fog, or lagging energy levels.